Natural Drapes

Renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jute add their natural color and asymmetric texture to Tradewinds Natural Drapes. A light, natural material is tightly woven into a stylish window treatment that adds outdoor characteristics to your wide windows and patio doors.

Graber Quality is a Natural Fit


  • Lightweight, tightly woven materials offer gentle light control

  • Edge banding is sewn on to provide a more durable, long-lasting solution

Natural Drape Product Options

Two brilliantly engineered control options ensure easy operation of your drapes for years to come.

Cord Control

A cord and heavy-duty tension pulley are hidden behind the drape.

Wand Control

A slender, durable wand, hidden from view, smoothly opens and closes drapes

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Stress-Tested in Extreme Environments

From testing adhesive strength in high heat to UV testing painted components, we ensure finished window treatments perform consistently for years to come

Natural Drapes

Graber Natural Drapes provide a great renewable material solution for wide windows and patio doors

Natural Shades

Renewable materials in versatile weaves and natural patterns for a distinct, rustic look

Valances and Cornices

Eye-catching accessories that can stand alone or complement your Graber window treatments