Solar Shades

Shades are ideal for rooms with sun exposure. These specially engineered shades diffuse the light, minimizing glare on your TV, and reduce heat gain, which can lower your cooling bills. More than that, they allow a view outdoors, even while they protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays. Plus, solar shades deliver a clean, compelling look that really sets the stage for your space. 

New & Inspired Fabrics

You want a light-filled home, but not the heat, glare, or harmful UV rays. We engineer Solar Shades to provide protection without darkening the room. Plus, solar shades deliver a clean, compelling look that really sets the stage for your space.

Have a wide window or patio door that receives a lot of light? Outfit Sliding Panels with solar shade fabrics and get the maximum light coverage and protection against UV rays.

Install Exterior Solar Shades on the outside of your home or around your outdoor living spaces for protection from UV rays and lowering heat gain and cooling costs.

Solar Shade Product Options

A range of lift controls can be paired with your Graber window treatments

Continuous-Loop Lift

Smooth operation with a consistent cord length makes raising shades easier than ever, even for large, heavy shades

Cordless Lift

Simply pull up or down on the shade—this popular, streamlined option eliminates the need for cords

Smart Pull Lift

Conveniently lower shades with a single pull using the easy glide lift system

Motorized Lift

Convenient, safe control with the touch of a button; great for large or hard to reach shades

Fabrics with a lower openness percentage block more UV rays. Fabrics with a higher percentage have a better view to the outside. For nighttime privacy, layer with drapery or pair with a roller shade in a Graber Dual Shade solution.

1{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} Openness

Offers greatest light filtering, most efficient at blocking damaging UV rays

3{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} Openness

Protects decor at risk from damaging UV rays

5{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} Openness

Blocks 95{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} of harmful UV rays and reduces screen glare

10{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} Openness

Maximizes your views to the outdoors, letting in some sunlight while still blocking glare

14{afa51fa09545d3ebe141ccecba680fd3178ff2684542d3f98debfb5fa705b7e2} Openness

Offers best views when paired with dark fabrics

Consult a Graber Window Treatment Expert for more information on any of the following solutions for your style and functional needs:

Blackout Channels

Discrete channels line the sides and bottom of the window to block light from entering around the edges of the shade

Heat-Sealed Hem Bar

Hem bar is completely enclosed within a heat-sealed pocket for a clean, smooth look with no exposed parts

Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar

Fabric from the shade is wrapped around an aluminum hem bar; comes with color-coordinated end caps

Cassette Valance

Sleek, fabric-covered valance conceals the fabric roll at the top of the shade

Contour Valance

A rounded, contemporary fabric-wrapped valance

Fascia Valance

A flat, streamlined aluminum valance

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Roller Shades

Clean, upscale design tailored to your light control preferences, from sheer to blackout

Limited Lifetime


The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment


Custom Drapery

Trendy fabrics in an array of styles can elegantly complete a room or complement other window treatments